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2 years ago

I recently got two new mics, apologies for the webcam shots of them but I’m too lazy to take/upload “real” ones.

The first is the MXL Cube, which I got for a decent price just to try out for fun. We’ll see if I like it. I dont want my mic collection to get super huge just for the sake of it. I already have enough gear addictions, I dont need to start one with mics too. I’d rather spend more time actually working with mics I’m comfortable with and understand much more than swapping a ton of different ones in and out.

I hear it works well on drums and percussion, specifically as an outside the kick mic or tom mic. If it works out on toms, for the price I may look for another one and finally have some tom mics. If not, the search will continue.

The second is a Blue Baby Bottle, a mic I’ve been wanting to get for a long time and finally found online for a good price. I’ve used it on two sessions so far and have really enjoyed the results. I found it’s working real well as an over the shoulder mic for acoustic guitar and has produced some interesting results with male vocals. It seems a bit mid heavy for the particular singer I used it on, but it gave me a different sounding vocal than you would “normally” get. At first I was turned off, but the more I listened the more I kinda liked it.

I’ll definitely continue testing it out, so far I like it a lot better than the Blue Bluebird that I’ve had for a long time. It has all the same clarity and top end definition but doesn’t sound anywhere near as harsh. It seems a lot more useable in most situations. I may end up getting rid of the Bluebird, but I think they’re both cool mics that have similarities, yet are very distinct. Two different flavours of ice cream, both delicious in their own way. It’s nice to have that option.. we shall seeeee.

Expect a barrage of samples and demos of recordings in the next two months or so. I plan on doing a lot of recording in 2012 and Im gonna start that off by giving examples of what I can do. I’ll also probably be posting a bunch of mini “shootouts” or mic tests on a variety of instruments, just cause I plan on testing my collection out along with any new acquisitions, if only for my own sake. But I’ll be sharing the results with the interwebs, hoping that maybe someone will find it useful or interesting or to possibly get some feedback on what you hear.

I also have a Cascade Fathead II w/ Lundhall transformer upgrade on order, impatiently waiting for that to come in. That will be my first ribbon mic, so I’m excited to get it. Of course, a post will happen when I get it.

I’m not in school anymore and plan on concentrating hard on music in the next year. So hopefully everything I’m dreaming of will come to be in 2012. If anything I’ll have more to post about. Wahoooo.

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